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12-Year-Old Lying

By November 17, 2006

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Kristiw asks for advice: "My daughter is 12 years old and she has been caught lying on several occasions, but this last time was a WHOPPER!!! Her dad and I have expalined to her that lying is wrong and if she keeps it up people will never trust her. She always says she is sorry and she will not do it again, but she does. We have punished her, taken her things from her, and nothing works. Her grades aren't the best but she is trying to pull those up. The main thing with her is her lying. HELP! Any suggestions will be appreciated."
November 28, 2006 at 9:34 pm
(1) margo says:

It’s a difficult age, alot of peer pressure to do what ever you have to get what you want. I feel for you. You may have to delegate who can she can be with. It’s not going to be easy but just think of the outcome later for your disipline. My mom was sooo strict on me it was awful. It did keep me out of trouble because I feared the repicusions. In many ways, I’m glas she was like she was but being a parent now I do know she was overboard of a few things. You can also try not keeping a promise to her when you say you’ll do something, just don’t do it. Then explain to her, this is how you feel and how she is. A few let downs from the people she depends on the most will wake her up. Smoking…I’d nip it in the bud asap. 12yo is too young for this!! Keep your FAith, ask God to guide you through it…He will.

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