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Today's Tweets for Parents of Teens, Monday 9/10/12

By September 10, 2012

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I enjoy spending time reading what other writers/experts/whoever tweet, so I thought I might share those that I've read and some thoughts. Not promising to do this every day, but it is going to start being a regular feature on my blog. (Have you followed me on Twitter, yet?)

@PsychToday Just give in! 5 indulgences that actually boost self-control: click here.
The article boasts five strategies may look like temptations and distractions, but think of them as strategic indulgences. I like the last one and I'm actually indulging right now ;-)

@rookiemoms Tutorial: easy baby doll dress: click here.
Does your teen babysit? They could make these for the girls they watch, simple and fun gift or activity to make the time go faster. I'm thinking that it is a good activity for my older daughter to teach to my younger one so I can keep them out of my office on our next rainy day.

@katiefhurley Youth suicide is devastating. Know the signs... National Suicide Prevention Week: click here.
Take a look, say a prayer, think good thoughts and try to help prevent your depressed teen from committing suicide.

@LivingHealthy3 Curfews ~ Setting and sticking to them: click here.
Good to remember the basics which are listed in this LivingHealthy article. For more tips from real parents see: What rules have you set for your teen's curfew?

@TalkingTeenage Teen Talk Tip of the Day: Let them try it their way first: click here.
My favorite line: "Who knew that the lack of control could at times feel so disempowering?" *nodding*

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