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Denise Witmer

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Denise D. Witmer has been a "professional parent" at the Masonic Childrens' Home in Elizabethtown, Pa. She worked in the adolescent buildings from May 1988 - September 1997 and again from May 2003 - July 2006. She was very active in the teen development and independent living programs. She was an original About.com Guide and launched the Parenting Teens site the day the service went live on April 21, 1997. She continued to write for, organize and guide the site for 16 years, until April of 2013.

Currently, you can contact Denise at Twitter or on her Facebook Page.


Denise is the author of two books, Planning Your Family Staycation: Fun Ideas for Your At-Home Summer Vacation and The Everything Parent's Guide to Raising a Successful Child: All You Need to Encourage Your Child to Excel at Home and School. Her advice has also been featured in US News and World Report, Better Homes and Garden's Raising Teens Magazine, and USA Today online and has been referenced in several books for parents of teens, including Surviving Ophelia. Check here for a list of her current books.


She completed graduate courses at Penn State University for child and social psychology. She is trained in PET (Parent Effectiveness Training), STEP (Support and Training for Exceptional Parents) and has received training in numerous specific areas regarding children and teens. She is also the mother of three children. Google + Profile: Denise Witmer.

By Denise Witmer:

"Every child is as different as their fingerprints. I'm here to help you with the issues surrounding you and your teen. With your caring, my expertise, and the vast resources of the web, we have a winning combination. So, come visit often and let me know what else I can do to help you."

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