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How To Get Your Teen to Exercise


Exercise is important to good health and will help your teen maintain a healthy weight. But it can be hard for a parent to find fitness activities for their teen to be involved in. Teens tend to steer clear of exercise if they are not in the good habit. You can keep your teen active with these tips.
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Here's How:

  1. Become involved with sports by coaching or being an active spectator to your teen's games.

  2. Your teen may have different likes and dislikes. Allow them to explore the world of sports and physical activities.

  3. Plan biking, hiking, or camping trips for the family.

  4. Set rules for TV and media time if your teen is too sedentary. Make a compromise about times giving your teen more if they are involved in fitness activities daily.
  5. Set a good example, model active behavior.

  6. Get a gym membership for the family and spend time together there.

  7. Allow your teen to go at their own pace.

  8. Let them know how well they are doing. Use your praise to communicate to your teen that you are happy they are being active.

  9. Encourage outdoor activities after school. High schools have gym and weight rooms that they have open to students.

  10. Add weeding the garden, mowing the lawn or washing the car to their chores list.


  1. Try not to turn then off by bugging or nagging.

  2. Does your family exercise together?

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