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When should teenage girls start shaving?


The Question from Kryten1:

"My daughters are both under the age of 13 but have very dark hair on their legs, when they wear a dress with hose or socks it just seems to stand out a lot..I can't remember how old I was when I started shaving mine...any suggestions?"

Denise's thoughts:

Sounds like their ready. There really isn't a set time, I have girls who have no hair at 17, they probably won't ever get much. Here's a suggestion, that could turn out to be some fun, when you get them razors, (I like the Gillette Sensors for girls), the three of you could sit at the edge of the tub, and having a shaving party. As for shaving other areas, arm pits, pubic area, tell them how and let them have time alone in the bathroom.

The Answers from the Parenting of Adolescents Forum:

The My daughter started shaving early. I can't remember how old she was. She may have been 8, 9, 10. I really can't remember. It made her feel good because she didn't have to be embarrassed about her legs, and it made her feel more grown up. My feeling is that they should shave as soon as they feel self conscious about their hairy legs. Age is immaterial. - kewlmom

This can be very tricky because you know that the younger they start the longer and more frequently they have to keep it up - and the younger teens don't always want to keep it up. Personally I let my second daughter start shaving her legs when she was 9. The reason I did was because she came home from gym class crying because the other kids were teasing her about her hairy legs. Make your choice based on your child. Is she asking because "all her friends are doing it" or is she asking because it would improve her self image in some little way? This really should be what you look at. - Diane K

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