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Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens: The 7 Keys to Weight Freedom

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Teenagers learn early that 'diet' is a four-letter word. They will either avoid all diet and nutrition issues like the plague or try every fad diet that they come across in their favorite teen magazine - very unhealthy! Then there are body image and eating disorder issues. It's not a wonder we see them gobbling down what we think is their favorite food one week and pronouncing that they hate it the next.

If this sounds like your home, let Jay McGraw help. The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens is written in your teenager's language. They'll not only 'get it', they'll use it.

From the Introduction

Weight issues are one of the leading causes of teen depression.

Since you are reading the back of this book, I'm guessing that you picked it up because you relate, at least in some way, to some of the following statements:

I can't stand my body!
I don't know how to lose weight!
The other kids always make fun of me and call me fat!
I hate myself!

Well, I have some good news for you. Actually, I have some great news. By picking up this book, you have taken the first step to deciding to do something about your weight and your self-image. This book will give you the answers to the many problems that you have been facing. And it will give you a plan for dealing with those problems. And I will go through it all with you. Now get psyched! You are about to begin one of the most life-changing experiences of your life. -- Jay McGraw

Book Description

Weight issues are one of the leading causes of teen depression, and The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens is being published at a time when weight is the top issue in so many teens' lives. Inspired by the enormous success of the #1 bestselling The Ultimate Weight Solution by Dr. Phil McGraw, Jay McGraw has written a book that deals with the specific issues teens face when it comes to weight matters. It's hard enough to be a teen, it's even harder to be an overweight teen. No one knows that better than the young people who suffer the teasing and name-calling that seem to resonate daily through their school halls. But what do you do when your friends are scarfing pizza and cheese fries and you're trying to lose weight? With this book, Jay addresses this and other problems in a way that they have never been addressed before in a way that actually works! Just as he did in his bestselling books Life Strategies for Teens and Closing the Gap, Jay talks directly to teens and young adults in a way to which they can relate. Jay gets it and he knows how to give it to them straight. The result is a book that can do what teens all over have been looking for a way to totally transform their bodies, minds, and lives.

About the Author

Jay McGraw is the teen expert on the Dr. Phil show. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Life Strategies for Teens, and Closing the Gap. He is currently in law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He enjoys spending time with his friends and his brother Jordan.

Quick Links: Quiz: Are you raising a healthy eater? | Quiz: Are you raising a healthy teen? | Teen Wellness

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