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Parenting Quiz: Do You Use Fair and Firm Discipline?

Article for parents of teens who are wondering about disciplining their teenager. Teens need discipline too.

A sure-fire way of inviting problems into your relationship with your teenager is by sending mixed or unclear messages. Clear communication is an absolute must if you want to have a bonding relationship with your teenager. It helps build a foundation of trust, fosters a healthy self-esteem, encourages positive behavior, and helps tone down frustration and stress in the family.

Part of an extensive article: 10 School Problems Parents of Teens Face And What to Do About Them.

Article and resources for communicating with teens without using scare tactics.

Consequences are outcomes – negative or positive - of a person’s action. By their nature, they gauge our behavior because we as humans strive for positive outcomes or consequences.

Learn how to use effective communication to enforce rules, limits and responsibilities in discipline with your teen.

Do you model good behavior? Learn why this is very important so you can avoid disciplining your teen.

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