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Stocking Stuffers

One thing I love to give the teens are coupons! I thought I would share some with you, and I've made a printer friendly copy of them for you, the link is at the end of the page.
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Your teens can use this one to get out of trouble if they are an hour late also ;-)

You might want to set a money limit on this one.

Looks like you might be having pizza sometime soon, just be thankful you don't have 16 teens in one house!

This coupon can be good in the fact that at least you know that their room has actually been cleaned for once.

Here is the PRINTER FRIENDLY COPY, MAKE SURE YOU OPEN IT IN A NEW WINDOW. (ie, right mouse click on link and choose open in new window)

If you have an idea for another coupon, please feel free to Post It on the Forum.

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