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Bumper Sticker for New Drivers?

'My daughter turned 16 and has saved enough money to put a down payment on a car. The thought of her out on the road alone scares me to death, but I know it is a right of passage.She is a great kid, a good student, but I remember how wild me and my friends were with our new found freedom at times. I have attached rules with the purchase of her first car. The obvious ones are a curfew, no one riding in the car with her for the first 2 months, and also her car must be registered with this place my girlfriend told me about called the teen safe institute. It is kind of like a "how's my driving" for teens. I found them at www.teensafe.net. Am I being unreasonable as my daughter is screaming at me? Overprotective? My daughter feels like if she is paying for the car, she should have the right to decide about what is displayed on her car, including a bumpersticker from the teensafe.net people. I feel like it is my job to keep her as safe as possible even if I am not always able to be there to supervise. She is calling me unreasonable. Am I?' - SQUIGGS1

Tips From Our Community:

'Knowing how teens can be, no you are not being unreasonable. She is still a minor and as such, you are still 100% responsible for her actions while she lives under your roof. The only reason she should have a true problem with the bumper sticker is if she is planning on being less than responsible with the car, in my humble opinion. She has enough money for a down payment, but she will still need a cosigner on any loan, one with assets such as yourself. This can be the terms of the cosigning, since you will ultimately be responsible for the car as well should she not be able to make payments. Remind your teen that you love her and are trying to keep her safe and in one piece as long as you can. The bumper sticker is not a restriction so much as it is a reminder that driving is not something that should be taken lightly and having it on her car should be more of an honor badge that she is proud to display. If she knows that she will be a safe and responsible driver then there should be no issue with it. ' - LEAMAI

'Your rules are not unfair, as a matter of fact she needs to know that you've allowed her to have the priviledge of owning a car. That's a big freedom, but it doesn't mean that there should be no stipulations on it. Everything comes with rules, even for adults.' - Denise

'Hi, I don't know about your state, but I had to sign for my son's license and the law here is no transportation of anyone under the age of 20 for 6 months, also the times of midnight to 5 or 6 am are off limits unless there is a note, and I have the authority to go to the DMV and have his license pulled until he turns 18. My son has his own car but its in my husbands name and so is the insurance which is outrageous for our family with 4 drivers and 3 of us high risk.' - JUNERAY

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