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'Help! How do I deal with other parents that allow 18, 19, 20yr olds to drink in their homes? I personally drink alcohol and tell my children that 21 is the "line in the sand" for drinking. But other parents say that they are going to do it anyway so let them drink in my home under a controlled environment. I don't agree... Help... Please... A concerned dad...' - OOSLICKOO

Tips From Our Community:

'Child endangerment is a felony and if you allow your kid and their friends to drink in your home underage, you are legally responsible. I have no idea if this doesn't apply with kids over 18 or not, but I do know of one family who had a keg at their house for after the championship football game and someone called the police. The parents are facing felony charges and all the kids there are excluded from playing sports for the year (in esssence, the hockey team). The ramifications for allowing our kids to drink in our homes are clearly much larger than when my father simply took the keys from all those attending my HS graduation party and made them come to him to get them back at the end of the night. Let's just say that many slept over and helped clean up everything the next morning. But again, we were 18, not 15. Does one drink lead to the consumption of an entire bottle? And whether or not they refuse one month does that mean they will refuse the next? And does drinking always lead to perhaps trying pot and worse? Seems my wild child days are coming back to haunt me simply because I know what I did as a youth. I am not so blind to think that the same won't be true with my daughter -- or something similar for sure.' - Macy (INUTTERWORDS)

'Alcohol is the number 1 DRUG abused in the nation. Drinking to get drunk is not "normal" either - there is a vast difference between having a glass of wine at dinner and sharing a bottle (or 2 or 3) with friends at a party. Personally, alcohol never got me anything but trouble under the quise of "having fun". It amazes me still that the population in general still looks at alcohol as a socially acceptible substance, even to the extent of giving it to their children. Just some facts.' - RIVERDREAMS

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