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Chores and Teens - Chore Charts, Chores and Learning - About.com
But, learning the responsibility of doing chores around their home gives teens a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Here you will find resources about ...
Teen Chore Contract for Parents - Teens - About.com
A chore contract for parents of teens who want to set clear communication with their teen about getting their chores completed.
Set Up a Chore Chart Parenting Teens - About.com
Chore charts are a communication tool for families. They help keep the 'who is expected to do what' confusion from turning into a jumbled mess. Chore charts ...
Age Appropriate Chore Charts for Ages 2-18 - Housekeeping
It can be difficult to know what chores children are capable of. Find lists of age appropriate chores for use with chore charts.
Seasonal Cleaning Chores - Housekeeping - About.com
A thorough window cleaning each season will remove a huge amount dirt and grime. It's also a good time to check the weatherstripping and seals of your ...
10 Ways To Get Kids to Use a Chore Chart
You set up a fancy chart, but your kids act like it isn't there? You need some ways to get your children motivated about the chore chart. Find out how to get your ...
Over 50 Ideas of Chores for Teens - About.com
Over 50 chore ideas for parents of older kids and teens. Here is a list of task ideas and chores for your teen. You can use it to fill out a printable chore chart or to ...
Four Daily Cleaning Chores - Housekeeping - About.com
While these four chores won't make your house perfectly clean all the time, they will make a huge difference. Taking just a few minutes a day to accomplish ...
Giving Kids Chores That Are Right for Their Age - School-Age Children
Here's a helpful guide to find age-appropriate chores plus some general tips on how to make chores more fun and rewarding for your school-age child.
The Importance of Chores for Kids - Discipline - About.com
As part of any good behavior management plan, it is important that children have regular chores to do. Chores teach children that as part of a family, everyone ...
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