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High School - Teens - About.com
Resources for parents who have children in high school.
High School Subjects Classes Teens Take in High School - About.com
A glimpse of core subjects your teen will take in high school. All schools vary, but this list shows the gist of what your teen will be taking so parents have an idea ...
High School Survival Guide for Parents of Teens - About.com
But with this independence, they need guidance from their parents in order to survive and get the most out of their high school education. This high school ...
The 10 Most Commonly Read Books in Private High Schools
A description of the ten most commonly read books in independent high schools.
List of Free Online Public Schools for California Students, K-12
Below is a list of no-cost online schools currently serving elementary and high school students in California. In order to qualify for the list, schools must meet the  ...
High School English Courses Needed for College Admissions
Learn what English class you'll need to take in high school to be a competitive college applicant.
The Best Summer Plans for High School Students
The Best Summer Plans for High School Students - Use summers to gain meaningful experiences and build your resume for college applications.
High School Interview Attire - Job Searching - About.com
Most high school job seekers aren't interviewing for professional positions. Instead, they're usually looking for part-time jobs in retail, restaurants, babysitting,  ...
High School vs. College Academics - College Admissions - About.com
High school vs. college academics. How do high school academics differ from college? Read this article to understand the different expectations you'll be facing  ...
Virtual High Schools - Distance Learning - About.com
Online high schools are becoming more and more popular. Whether students need to study from home to catch up on credits, tend to health concerns, ...
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