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How to Use Middle School to Improve Your College Preparation
College preparation begins in middle school. Although your middle school grades and activities won't appear on your college application, you can use seventh ...
Holding Debates in Middle School Classes - Secondary Education
Holding debates in middle school classes can be quite effective. They also present their own challenges. This article looks at the benefits and issues involved.
Middle School Debate Topics - Secondary Education - About.com
Looking for Middle School debate topics? This list of over 60 topics has been written for use in classes throughout the curriculum.
School Supplies for Middle School
Middle school is such a big step for students! There are so many changes to consider when entering this important stage of school. Make sure you're fully ...
Free Middle School Science Fair Projects - Chemistry - About.com
Find ideas for free middle school science fair projects. These free projects suitable for the 6-8 grade level.
Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas - Chemistry - About.com
Have you done a middle school science fair project or do you have a good idea for a good middle school project? Here's your chance to share what you think ...
Middle School Science Fair Projects - Chemistry - About.com
Find ideas for middle school science fair projects. These are projects suitable for the 6-8 grade level.
How to Prepare Your Child for Middle School - Tweens - About.com
Starting middle school can be daunting for some tweens. To help your child adjust, begin discussing the types of changes she can expect long before that first ...
Middle School Projects - Chemistry - About.com
Here's a list of projects targeted at the middle school educational level. Middle school students can do these projects for fun or as part of an educational science  ...
Science Experiments for Middle School Students
Get ideas for science experiments targeted at the middle school educational level . Find out how to perform an experiment and get a hypothesis to test.
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