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Teen Health - Teens - About.com
Teen health issues range from acne and diet to serious health conditions like depression and eating disorders. Parents have concerns about if their teen is ...
Teen Health Issues - Teens - About.com
Teen health advice and resources for parents of teens from puberty to depression , teen wellness to acne, teenagers have their own specific health issues.
Teen Mental Health Issues - Teens - About.com
Mental health issues in teenagers are real and sometimes debilitating. Parents need help to be able to cope with their teen's mental health issues. Articles below  ...
Teen Health: Depression, Body Image, Puberty and More
Concerns about your teen's health? Learn about teen depression, puberty, body image, teen birth control options and many other popular teen health issues.
Teen Health Issues for Girls - Women's Health - About.com
Includes facts about first periods and menstruation, acne, menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome, unplanned pregnancy and other teen health issues for ...
Teen Health and Wellness - About.com
Your teen isn't sick, but is she well? Diet, exercise, immunizations and normal teen development are all parts of teen wellness. Protect your teen's health by ...
Teen health - Men's Health - About.com
Health issues of interest to young men in their teens.
Emotional and Mental Health Issues of Teens
When is moodiness just a phase or a more serious concern? What mental health issues commonly affect teens? What should a parent look for if concerned ...
Encouraging Positive Teen Body Image - Teen Health - About.com
Jun 15, 2014 ... Fashion magazines don't care about teen body image, or they would provide more images of women and men with healthy bodies. Instead, the ...
Body Image - Teen Health - About.com
May 30, 2014 ... Think that body image issues are just a girl's issue? Think again. Teen males can have body image issues, too.
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