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Behavior and Discipline - Teens - About.com
Learn how to establish rules, set limits and discipline your teen. ... privileges while also making it clear what expectations accompany the extra responsibilities .
The Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Teens - About.com
It's true, some rights and responsibilities do shift over to your teen, so that ... Parents have the right to set rules and limit privileges when rules are not followed .
Today's Teens - About.com
It's important for parents to set limits and establish rules that will keep teens safe when they're ... Driving is one of the biggest responsibilities your teen will have.
Establishing House Rules for Teenagers - Discipline - About.com
When teens struggle to follow the rules, it is a sign that they aren't ready for that much responsibility yet and may need more guidance. As your teenager proves ...
Teach Your Teen the Responsibilities of Citizenship
The responsibilities of citizenship are important to teach teens, get tips on how to ... the hours of the work it takes to keep the rule of law functioning for its citizens.
Teen Driving Tips and Rules - Teens - About.com
Getting a license and beginning to drive is a lot of responsibility for a teen – and their parents! How did you react to the first time your teen asked for the car keys?
Behavior and Daily Routines Your 17-Year-Old Teen
This makes it imperative for parents to talk to their teen about house rules and how their responsibilities and privileges are going to change - or not going to ...
House Rules - House Rules Every Tween Should Know - About.com
This rule will help your child learn independence and responsibility and will ... Choking Game: What You Need to Know About Teens and This Dangerous ...
Sample Cell Phone, TV & Computer Rules for Teenagers - Discipline
It's important to create a list of rules based on your teen's age, maturity and ability to handle responsibility. Here is a sample list of electronics rules for a teen: ...
Behavior and Daily Routines Your 16-Year-Old Teen
It is important for parents to give some of the responsibility of creating rules, consequences and privileges to their teen. Learning how to discipline oneself is an ...
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