1. Parenting

15-Year-Old Teens

Resources for parents of 15-year-old teens including developmental issues and real parent questions and experiences.

Normal Middle Adolescent Development: Ages 14 to 18
Find out what constitutes normal adolescent development between the ages of 14 and 18.

15-Year-Old Social and Emotional Development Child Development for Teens
Fifteen-year-old teens are pushing their parents to do more and more on their own, and they do not want to have to ask permission to do it. They are often assertive to the point of pushing their limits too far. Independence is the name of the game for a 15-year-old, and they are going to try and grab as much of it as possible.

Behavior and Daily Routines Your 15-Year-Old Teen
Your 15-year-old teen is making more of their own decisions, they are dating or thinking about dating and they want some more independence. Parents of a fifteen-year-old should continue to keep the lines of communication open, have some give and take when it comes to setting up the rules but stick to your guns once the rules are set.

15-Year-Old Teen Son Has Become a Brat!
My sweet, endearing 15 year old son has become a mouthy, know it all, brat! I have noticed the change since baseball season has started. Last night his teacher called expressing the same concerns.

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