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Causes of Senioritis in High School Seniors


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To parents and teachers, senioritis is a true disability for high school students. It can cripple a teen's ability to learn and has some terrible consequences - many not unlike the consequences of risk-taking behaviors. Below is a list of causes that can lead to senioritis.

Boredom is thought to be a cause of senioritis. High school seniors aren't often challenged in the second half of the senior school year as their workload may dwindle for some of their classes and schools may fail to keep them engaged in learning.

Parental apathy can be a cause of senioritis. Often parents don’t mean to be apathetic, but after a few years of not having to discipline a teen for school work because they have been working independently and doing it well, parents are surprised to see that they need to get back on the discipline horse so close to the finish line. This can lead to an attitude in parents of: "Oh well, they can’t fail now."

Fear of change can cause senioritis. Graduating high school is a double-edged sword for many teens. They are looking forward to growing up and moving on but they will miss the familiarity of high school and their friends.

Burnout is another cause for senioritis for some seniors. Senior high school students are busy people. They have a full course load and are charged with cementing their plans for their future. The busy life of tests, sports, friends, extra-curricular activities and part-time jobs is further crammed with college or technical school visits and applications, scholarship searches, senior projects and job or career searches. Without careful planning and attention paid to a teen’s stress levels, burnout is to be expected.

Excitement for graduation can be one of the causes of senioritis. Usually when this is the cause it is short lived and shows up the last week of school, when the finish line is right there and your teen can see it. Fortunately, most high schools have caught on to this cause and plan accordingly by graduating seniors a week before the end of school.

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