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Quilting Crafts, Patterns and Ideas for Teens

Does your teen want to learn to quilt? Do you need a craft project for a group of teens? Here is a list of resources for quilting basics along with patterns, projects and ideas for teens to make things using this craft.

Quilting Craft Project Ideas Teens
Do you make quilting crafts with your teen or a group of teens? Submit your quilting craft projects and ideas here and sharing with the rest of the community who do activities with teenagers.

Beginning Quilters Learn How to Make a Quilt
Teens will be happy with their very first quilting project when they work through the techniques one step at a time. Beginning quilters will find that my instructions are complete and easy to follow, with plenty of illustrations.

How to Make Blue Jeans Quilts
You don't need a special quilt pattern to sew a denim quilt, often called a blue jeans quilt, but denim's heavy weight means that some quilting patterns are easier to assemble than others. Lean all about blue jean quilts with this article.

Friendship Quilt Block
Versions of this traditional quilt block have been called many names over the years. Friendship Quilt is one term used for quilts made from the block, because each quiltmaker added a signature to her or his block.

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