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Hip to Be Square Teen Bed Room Design Craft Projects


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Creating This Teen Bedroom Design and Crafts
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This teen room idea works well for both boys and girls, depending on the color you use to make the set. Therefore you can use it in a teen game room or other co-ed space.

Denise D. Witmer

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The Hip to Be Square design idea was created mostly using a craft technique - decoupage - that teens are capable of doing on their own and enjoy doing. While you aren't able to decoupage everything in a teen's room, there are more than an handful of things that are already in your teens bed room which can be given a make-over using this crafting technique. You'll need these supplies to make this teen room design idea:
  • Objects to be decoupaged; cleaned
  • Decoupage; I use Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Fine grit sand paper if objects have smooth surfaces
  • Tissue paper; 3 colors that match the room's color scheme

The Basics of Decoupaging the Hip to Be Square Teen Bed Room Design Craft Projects

  1. Clean and dry the surface. If the surface is smooth, you can rough it up some with find grit sand paper if you wish. It makes the decoupage adhere better but is not necessary, ie you can't rough up glass.
  2. Cut the tissue paper into squares.
  3. Coat the object with a layer of decoupage.
  4. Arrange the tissue squares carefully on the layer of decoupage.
  5. Continue until the entire object is covered in tissue paper.
  6. Coat the entire piece carefully with a layer of decoupage. Allow it to dry. Repeat this step three times.
  7. See a basic decoupage project here: Decoupage Heart

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