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Get it Done Cram Session or School Project Night Sleepover

Sleepover Party Theme Ideas


Teen Sleepover Party Study Group

Teens studying in a group setting often brings up grades and fosters a healthy willingness to learn.

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Often teachers assign a project to a group of students in their class and the teens need to get together on their own time to do this project as a group, or teens who prefer to prepare for tests in a study group setting, will study late into the night together. With a little planning, both of these instances can be turned into a sleepover party with the main goal of the party being 'getting the project completed' or 'preparing for the test'. There are three reasons why this is a good idea:
  1. It takes the stress off of the teens who are too busy looking for a way to get together on a project or test instead of worrying about how well they can do on it. It alleviates the added stress that can hurt your teen's willingness to learn.

  2. It gives the teens as much time as they need. As long as they stay on task, teens work better without having to worry about things like finishing within an hour, for example.

  3. Parents do not have to worry about their teen's driving home after their graduated license curfew or while they are tired.

Tips for the Get it Done Cram Session or School Project Night Sleepover

  • This party theme will need to be chaperoned appropriately. The chaperone should be able to help with the project as well, but do not hover if there is no task for you. Ask about their progress when you check in on them.

  • Give your teen and their party rein over an entire area with a table and chairs. They will need it.

  • Ask that guests bring their own sleeping bags and pillows.

  • Separate boys and girls into different rooms, even if you are comfortable having them in one big room. This will convey your high level of parental responsibility to the other parents who have teens in your home and model appropriate behavior to the teens at the sleepover party.

  • Snack foods including filling foods like pizza and pretzels can be served. Anything that will not take the teens off of their task to prepare.

  • Extra school supplies will be needed. Have glue, poster board, lined, graph and construction paper, markers, etc. all on hand in case they are needed. Ask your teen to ask their friends to bring the other supplies that might be needed.

  • Did the cram session happen on a school night? Be sure to provide a good breakfast and be available for students to come back after school to pick up their things.

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