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50 Fun Holiday Activities Your Teen Will Love


Christmas time is always a special fun time of year for the whole family. If you need ideas for some activities for your teen, youth group or entire family, here are 50 things teens I know will have fun doing this holiday season.
  1. Decorate Christmas cookies.
  2. Decorate their room.
  3. Make a glitter painted glass ball ornaments.
  4. Make Christmas cards.
  5. Sing carols for a cause.
  6. Volunteer at local area projects.
  7. Hunt for a Christmas tree.
  8. Trim a Christmas tree.
  9. Make Christmas beaded safety pin patterns.
  10. Make cinnamon ornaments.
  11. Make tinsel-filled ornaments.
  12. Make ribbons and sparkles ornament.
  13. Sell Christmas trees with a youth group.
  14. Have a Christmas Specials and Movie marathon.
  15. Send a Christmas card and letter to a soldier.
  16. Journal this quick list: My Ten Favorite Christmas Specials.
  17. Journal this quick list: My Ten Favorite Christmas Songs.
  18. Journal this list: Top Five Gifts I've Received of all Time.
  19. Think about and journal what Christmas means to you.
  20. Make a Christmas wish list.
  21. String popcorn for the tree or mantel.
  22. Read a holiday story.
  23. Say this tongue twister 5 times: Snow slows Santa's sled.
  24. Write a poem about Christmas.
  25. Write a poem about snow.
  26. Make a music video using Christmas Carols.
  27. Wrap your bedroom door like a present.
  28. Make candy cane bath salts.
  29. Organize a local coat drive.
  30. Make Christmas wrapping paper.
  31. Learn to make a traditional family Holiday dish or dessert.
  32. Adopt a grandparent or visit a nursing home with a group of friends.
  33. Take your younger sibling to see Santa.
  34. Offer to babysit for a Christmas shopping night for a family with younger kids - for free.
  35. Put your name in glitter on a Santa hat. Wear it.
  36. Make Christmas Chunk Soaps.
  37. Make Christmas Container Candles.
  38. Paint a Faux Stained Glass Christmas Ornament.
  39. Make Puzzle Piece Ornaments.
  40. Make a Rubber Stamped Advent Calendar.
  41. Make a Flower Petal Ornament Cover.
  42. Make a gingerbread house.
  43. Make Candy Cane Fudge.
  44. Track Santa online.
  45. Make a holiday journal.
  46. Make a CD of your favorite or new this year Christmas songs.
  47. Write out Christmas cards for your friends.
  48. Read the Christmas story in a Bible.
  49. Learn something new about Christmas in a different culture.
  50. Sit in the room with your Christmas tree with all the lights out but the tree lights. Enjoy your Christmas.
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