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How To Give a Pair of Jeans the Grunge Look


Teen girls will pay a lot of money for the right look to their jeans. Here is an easy way to get the grunge look without breaking the bank.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes work; 1 day drying time

Here's How:

  1. Gather up these supplies: one pair of jeans, bleach or gel bleach pen, work or garden glove, vegetable grater, large plastic trash bag, duct tape and a pail of water or have a bath/shower available.

  2. Cut open the trash bag and tape it down on a flat surface.

  3. Place the jeans on the trash bag and make some dots and slashes with the bleach pen. Wait the allotted time and rise the jeans in the shower.

  4. Lay the jeans flat on the trash bag again and put on the glove. Use the vegetable grater and grate the jeans going from the waist down. This takes a bit of time, use the roughest part of the grater.

  5. When you start to have 'patches of pulled fabric' you can stop grating.

  6. Allow the jeans to hang dry for 24 hours.

  7. Enjoy your grunged jeans.


  1. This makes a fun project for youth groups or teen girl parties.

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