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Fall Activities for Teens: Week Four


Teen Activities for Fall Quick Links:

Make This:

Apples and Cream Cheese Dip
Enjoy the fresh fruit of the season with this creamy dip. Another recipe perfect after school type snack that can be prepared ahead of time.

More Apple Recipes:

Learn How:

Get the Seasonal Look on Your Social Network Page
Create a fall theme on your social network page. Find themes and directions on About.com's Personal Web Pages site, Social Networking: MySpace and Facebook.

Get Out and Go:

Get Lost in a Corn Maze
It is as much fun to get lost in one of these mazes as it is to find your way through. Check your local listings or check online to find a corn maze near you.

Craft This:

Leaf T-shirt
This is a wonderful T-shirt project for camping trips and outdoor youth group activities. Older teens can handle doing much of this on their own, but preteens will need the help of an adult.
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