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ADD or ADHD in Teens

Helping a teen with ADD or ADHD learn to become independent and plan for their future is a huge task for parents of teenagers. It is a slow and can sometimes seems impossible. But your best efforts will pay off. Use these ADD and ADHD resources for parents of teens to get help.

ADHD 13-year-old Son Just Getting By in School
A mom asks how to get her ADHD son more engaged with his school work and receives sage advice from our parenting community. Read what they have to say and offer your thoughts and experiences.

Printable Chore Charts for Teens
Look for the link: ADHD of the Christian Kind, it has a task schedule for parents to print out for their teens. You can add to the tasks listed or print out this blank task chart one and fill it out.

Hyperactivity-Impulsivity In ADHD
Hyperactivity and impulsivity are the most noticeable symptoms associated with ADHD. These behaviors often affect academic performance, home-life, and social relationships. ADHD is often associated with academic difficulties, social issues, low self-esteem, and problems within the famility. Appropriate diagnosis and treatment can help a child overcome these problems and cope with the symptoms of ADHD.

Inattention in Children With ADHD
Inattention is one of the aspects of ADHD that sometimes goes unnoticed. Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness are more obvious because they cause disruptions at home and school. Because inattentive behavior can lead to deficits in school, it is important to recognize these symptoms in order to obtain appropriate treatment.

ADHD Symptoms
Remember that for a child to have ADHD, the symptoms should be causing an impairment for your child. That means that the ADHD symptoms should be causing him to have some trouble learning, making and keeping friends, participating in after-school activities (including sports) or even functioning at home. For example, the ADHD symptoms might lead to a child having trouble with his siblings or might lead him to getting in trouble a lot at home. Check out the symptoms here.

How to Improve ADHD Symptoms With Exercise
There are many reasons for exercise in ADHD. Exercise almost immediately elevates dopamine and norepinephrine and keeps them up for a period of time so that it acts like a little bit of Ritalin or Adderall. It also helps to still the impulsivity and still the cravings for immediate gratification as it works to wake up the executive function of the frontal cortex, which in turn allows for delay, better choices, a bit more time to evaluate consequences... read more.

ADHD Treatment
There is no "cure" for ADHD, however, many treatment approaches may alleviate or significantly decrease ADHD symptoms. As a result, improvements are evident in school/work performance, relationships with others improve and self esteem increases.

ADHD Medications
There is now a much greater choice in ADHD medications, and each is available in a wide range of dosages. This makes it much easier to fine-tune a child's dosage to maximize the medication's benefits and minimize, or eliminate, any possible side effects.

Asthma and ADD/ADHD Policy for Joining the U.S. Military
The Department of Defense has softened their medical qualification standards for cases of childhood asthma, and history of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Learn about these guidelines here.

Characteristics of Gifted and ADHD
The key to distinguishing between gifted and ADHD is the pervasiveness of the "acting out" behaviors. If the acting out is specific to certain situations, the child's behavior is more likely related to giftedness; whereas, if the behavior is consistent across all situations, the child's behavior is more likely related to ADHD. It is also possible for a child to be BOTH gifted and ADHD. The following lists highlight the similarities between giftedness and ADHD.

Causes of ADHD - What Causes ADHD
The exact cause of ADHD has not been determined. However, ADHD is thought to have a genetic component as it tends to occur among family members. Close relatives of people with ADHD have about a 5 times greater than random chance of having ADHD themselves, as well as a higher likelihood for such common accompanying disorders as anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and conduct disorder.

Conditions That Can Produce ADHD-Like Symptoms
When a teen is hyperactive, fidgety, impulsive, and struggles with issues of attention, one cannot automatically assume that this child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. There are a number of other conditions and factors that can cause symptoms and behaviors that may be mistaken for ADHD. Learn about them here.

ADD News For Christian Families
This site is intended to provide information, support and encouragement to Christian families living with Attention Deficit Disorders.

ADD Medical Treatment Center of Santa Clara Valley
Editor and Founder Monroe A. Gross, M.D. states "It is time to bring ADD/ADHD into the 21st century." Excellent site!!

Attention Deficit - Hyperactivity Disorder A Guide for Parents
From Disabilities: Attention Deficit Disorder, A page done by KidSource.

ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted
From Disabilities: Attention Deficit Disorder, A page done by KidSource.

Your Child with ADD in School
Your teenagers rights concerning school.

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