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Before You Send Care Packages to College Students


Before you buy or send a college student any package, follow these tips.

Find the Correct Mailing Address

First and foremost, find out where it needs to be sent. Call the college and see if packages can be delivered to the student's dorm or should they be sent through the college's student post office. It is also a good idea to get a return receipt, one without the required signature, or to have a tracking number placed on your package. This way it is easily tracked if the package should get lost.

Perishable Items

Anything that may perish within three days is not a good idea to send. This is especially true if the package cannot be delivered directly to your college student's dorm room.

Send Items They Can Use

Towels, toiletries and laundry detergent are just a few items that any college student would appreciate. Keep them stocked up with these items instead of sending the money for them. This saves them time.

Send Extra

Dorm friends abound, especially when a package arrives. Send a little extra for your college student to share.

Get Personal

Personal items such as pictures of the family dog can uplift any college student out of the studying and too busy funk. Try a humorous card with a personal note, it will make a great memory for them.

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