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Teen Party Games for Fun Parties for Teens

Teen Birthday and Special Occasion Party Games


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Teen party games make going to a teen party that much more fun. If your throwing a teen birthday party, here is a list of fun games to play with groups of teens. Some are active games, some are ice breakers and some of the birthday party games in this list go with a theme party.

Why do teens need fun birthday party games?

It's true that teens like to socialize and think they want to just 'hang out' throughout a party, but birthday parties without party games tend to get boring and are often overtaken by cliques. Getting everyone involved in the birthday party games will help disperse the socialization. Try to have a few of the different types of games including the birthday party games that are individualized - like the sign in board type. That will give those who are shy something to do during the down times. The active games will give those who like attention the spotlight. These birthday party games will help make a well rounded birthday party for your teen.



How to Organize Teen Party Games

While parents of teens do not want to seem overly involved in teen parties and the games, you do have to help your teen organize the games so they know what to do should the teens at the party need to have something to do. Here are three tips on organizing your teen’s party games:

1.) Allow your teen to have the final say in what party games they want to have available. If your teen would prefer to have mostly hands off games like the Sign In Board rather than something like Pop Song Charades or Balloon War. If there is a party game you feel would be great to play, tell your teen the things necessary to play the game will be available at the party, and they can chose to play it or not.

2.) Have equipment for the party games ready and in one spot, along with a list of games that can be played. Often a game gets forgotten because a teen did not remember it. A list with the supplies will avoid that mistake.

3.) Stay out of the way and on the sidelines. Teens want to be as independent as possible when throwing a party. So be available when you’re needed and just check in at other times.

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