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Fun Party Games For Birthdays and Other Teen Parties

Ain't No Flies on Me


Fun Party Games For Birthdays and Other Teen Parties

Copy for use in this game.

Denise D. Witmer

What you'll need:

  • Group of ten or more
  • Fly picture
  • Mailing labels
  • 5 taboo words
How to play:
Print fly picture on mailing labels to make fly stickers. This game is one that is played while socializing. Each player is given three fly stickers. They need to get rid of them by giving them to people who say the words that are taboo, such as the name of a person whose birthday it is, or if it's Halloween use words like scary or witch. Towards the end of the party, the host yells 'time is up' and gives prizes to those who have no flies on them.

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