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Healthy teen body image is extremely important to a teenager's or a preteen's self-esteem. Learn about teen body image and the media, tips you can use to boost your teen's body image, and if your teen's body image is postive or negative.
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Help Your Teen Shape a Healthy Body Image
Body Image, or how your teen sees their body is an important part of how they see themselves. Learn about body image and how you can help your teen be accepting of their physicality and looks.

Parenting Quiz on Body Image
Does your daughter have a healthy body image? Find out here.

Do Boys have Body Image Issues too?
Boys and Body Image FAQ: Do Boys have Body Image Issues too?

What are the most current statistics of teenagers having plastic surgery done?
The most current statistics of teenagers having plastic surgery procedures done are listed here, sourced by the ASPS.

Parent Called Their Teen 'Fat'
A parenting seeking advice: "I have an eleven year old boy. I recently in the heat of frustration, called him fat..... I know, the worst thing I could say... read more.

Ultimate Guide to Beauty
A book review for Seventeen the Ultimate Guide to Beauty written by Ann Shoket and the editors of Seventeen Magazine.

How do I teach my teen media literacy?
Q&A on teaching teens how to diagnose ads that make the teen feel bad about himself/herself. How to teach teens media literacy.

Body Image: Help your Teen Develop a Positive Body Image
Body image is an important issue for teen girls and boys. Help your teen develop a positive body image with these seven tips.

What is body image?
Body image is psychological in nature. Find out exactly what it is here.

Does Your Daughter Have a Positive Body Image? How About Your Son?
Having a positive body image is very important to your teen's overall well-being. A positive body image promotes confidence and independence in teens. Here are some tips for parents on how to promote a positive body image in your teen.

Body Image and the Media
Body Image FAQ: How does the media effect body image in teens?

101 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body
An understanding and informative book on young girls and how they view their bodies.

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