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7 Parenting Tips on Positive Body Image

Help your Teen Develop a Positive Body Image


As a parent of a teen, you can help him/her relate to food in a healthy way and create a positive body image by using these seven tips:
  1. Create and maintain a door to open communication. This is often, and sometimes the only, step to many of the problems parents have with their teenagers. So work on keeping that door open. Use these articles to help:

  2. Avoid talking negatively about food, weight, etc. Also avoid talking about how ‘good’ someone looks because they are thin.

  3. Have fun and nutritious food available for your teenager all of the time as teens get hungry 24/7.

  4. Be careful of what the media is portraying to your teenager about body image. Limit the television and teen magazines. Watch or read with them so you can talk about what your teen is seeing.

  5. Compliment actions – what they do is more important than how they look!

  6. Make food interesting and cool. Find healthy and fun recipes your teen will enjoy making, then let them invite a friend to “play” in the kitchen. Smoothie recipes are great for this purpose.

  7. Encourage awareness in your community by taking part in a talk at a PTA meeting, or becoming involved in a youth organization with your teenager and actively promoting against size and sexual discrimination through positive activity.
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