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Printable Chore Charts for Teens

Free Printable Chore Charts to Use for Your Family


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Teen chore charts are a useful way to keep teens from getting frustrated. Often the hardest part of a chore is remembering that you need to do it. Hence, the reasoning behind a good chore chart. Teens are no different than adults in this respect as they have busy lives too. When a teen is dealing with high school issues, homework to do and friends to stay up-to-date with, adding one more thing to remember can be the breaking point and create a stressed-out teen. Chore charts not only help your teen from getting stressed, they aid your teen in getting the chore done, which will keep you from becoming stressed. Cool, right?

Below is a listing of free printable chore charts from me and others around the internet that I feel would be useful to you and your teen. Bookmark this page so you can come back to print off more when you need them.

Weekly Printable Chore Chart for Older Kids and Teens
This printable chore chart is in .pdf format and you will need the standard Adobe reader to see it. It is sectioned off into morning and afternoon/evening chores, for each day of one full week.

Blank Chore List for Older Kids and Teens
This blank printable chore list is in .pdf format and you will need the standard Adobe reader to see it. There are three sections on this chore list, the chore description, date it needs to be completed and a place to mark if it was completed or not.

Teen Chores Contract from me, a printable contract you can use with your teen when you want to set down a clear message about what chores should be done by your teen and how you would like to see them completed.

Today's To-Do List from me, a printable to-do list with two charts per page. Each chart has a place to put the chore and a place to check it off when completed. This is the type of chart my mom used for after school chores that needed to be done on the nights she was working.

Successful family life has a Teen Chore Chart that is filled in more than I would like for my own teens, but it may be good for your family's needs.

ADHD of the Christian Kind has a task schedule for parents to print out for their teens. You can add to the tasks listed or print out this blank task chart one and fill it in.

Printable Chore Chart and Contract from Parent Coach Plan is workable, as this chore chart is a contract at the same time. I think it would work for teens who are getting used to the chore system, but it will become redundant quickly for an older teen.

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