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Parenting Teens Contracts: Teen Chores


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Sometimes clear communication with your teen takes the written word. Below is a parent to teen contract for your personal use. Use the print button on this page to print it out. Please feel free to use as it is or make it your own.

Parents and Teens Contract: Teen Chores

I know when you belong to a family there are tasks and chores that need to be done around the house. I respect that our family wants our home to be clean and useful. My parents respect that I am becoming a young adult and would like time to myself - not always doing chores. With that in mind, we agree:

  1. To keep our own areas picked up and not overly cluttered. This includes no dirty laundry on the bedroom floors, things piled up on shelves and _________. (add on to the list on the back of this page)

  2. I will keep my parents in the loop when a chore has become too complicated for me, for instance if I do not know how to do something. I will never leave a chore undone without talking to my parents.

  3. I will take pride in my work, so that the tasks or chores I have to do will be done to the best of my ability.

  4. I understand that chores are never really fun for anyone, but they are necessary tasks that need to be done in order to live. Therefore, I will not give my parents a bad attitude about getting them done.

  5. My responsibilities come first and my chores are my responsibility. (Define chores using our chores list and printable chore charts. Attach it to this page.) I will not procrastinate and put off my chores until the last minute.

The consequences for not following through with my chores are: (Break it down to first offense, second offense, etc. Add allowances earned here too, if applicable.)

Quick Links: Quiz: Is your teen a slacker? | Quiz: Are You a Helicopter Parent?

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