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How To Wrap a Large Gift


There is always one large gift every Christmas for someone in the family. Try one of these inventive ways to wrap it up before you tackle it with mounds of tape.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Use large amounts of ribbon and ready-made bows. Cover the entire gift with swirls and swirls of festive colored ribbons. This works well for bikes and cars.

  2. If the gift is in a packing box, paint it. Let it dry then stencil or stamp desgins on it.

  3. Cover the item with holiday fabric. Place other gifts around the item that need to be opened first.

  4. Use a holiday gift bag made for oversized items. You will need to close it with some ribbon.

  5. Gather a plastic holiday table cloth around the item and secure it with a ready-made bow.

  6. Place one bow on the item. Hide it somewhere in the house and make up a map to the item or a clue to where it is. Place the map or clue on the tree. Be careful, teens really like this and will want to do it every year.


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What You Need

  • Gift Wrap
  • Ribbons

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