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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens


Stuck for teen Christmas gift ideas to get your teen and it's coming down to the wire? Besides my free stocking stuffer coupons, here are a few suggestions that I know will help:

1. Junk Food

The grocery store is open and chocolate and gum are always welcome. This is also a great idea if your teen got a big gift that broke the budget but you need to fill the stocking as Christmas candy is always on sale the week before Christmas.

2. Gas Card

If your teen drives, this is an awesome idea. With gas prices going through the roof, a teenager needs all the extra money for gas he/she can get.

3. Free Movie Rental

Pick up a card at the local video store or get a subscription at NetFlix.com for a year.

4. Magazine Subscription

Simply go to the nearest pharmacy and pick up a copy a magazine you think your teen your teen will enjoy and send in the subscription card that is located in the folds of its pages. Then write out on a Christmas card that the subscription should start in a month, until then enjoy this copy.

5. Music

Gift certificates at iTunes.com or at the local CD store will be greatly appreciated. Music is the way to many teens’ hearts.

6. Money

Everyone likes money, and here are a few suggestions on how to give it.

7. Amazon Gift Card

Anything a teen could want is at Amazon - books, makeup, video games, you name it. Gift cards are easy to purchase right on the site. You can go high-tech and emailed the gift certificate code right to the teen.

8. Restaurant Gift Certificate

Where is the local hang out? For my teens it was a diner in the center of town. Go there and get a gift certificate that your teen can use the next time he/she goes with his/her friends.

9. Free Car Wash Certificate

Does your teen have his/her own car? A car wash certificate in the winter is a very thoughtful gift.

10. Movie Tickets

I’m always amazed at how much it costs to go to the movies. It is not a wonder that most teens prefer group dating – no one has the cash to pay for their date too! Sorry for the tangent, but if you get this for your teen be sure to include enough to take a friend.

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