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10 Important Questions to Ask When Picking a College


Ask the College Admissions Office

Get Your Teen into College Series

When your teenager has their college choices pared down to about two or three, you will want to start talking to each college's admissions office. Here are ten important questions you should have answered by them:

  1. What are your standards for acceptance?
  2. When are tours offered? Who gives the tour? Do you have an open house?
  3. What is your enrollment deadline?
  4. What programs/degrees do you offer? What are the most popular majors at this college?
  5. What percentage of your students graduate in four years?
  6. Are there advisors for each student? How much time are they required to spend with each student?
  7. Do students have to take an admissions exam? Are there placement exams for courses once a student is accepted?
  8. How many students are enrolled at your college?
  9. What is the average class size? What is the largest?
  10. What extracurricular opportunities are available on campus? Are student organizations encouraged and supported by the school? How?
10 Important Questions:

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