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Graduation Soap Party Favor Craft for Teens


Make these cool graduation party favor soaps.
Graduation Party Favors Soap teen crafts
Denise D. Witmer
To make the graduation soaps, you will need these supplies:(per soap)
  • 4-ounces White melt and pour soap, depending on your molds
  • Food coloring; school colors, ours are yellow and green
  • One square soap mold
  • One grad cap and diploma mold
  • 4-cup glass measuring cup to melt soap
  • 4 drops of essential oil
  • Spoon
  • Rubbing alcohol in a spritzer
I used white base melt and pour soap for my diploma and square, then clear for the graduation cap. You can use any combination of these.

For the square soap: We started out by melting our soap according to package directions, making it yellow and pouring it into the mold, then we spritzed with rubbing alcohol to get out the air bubbles.

For the diploma and graduation cap: We melted our soaps. Now you could melt the white soap, pour the diplomas then make the rest of the soap you melted the color you need and pour that into the grad cap molds. Spritz with rubbing alcohol.

After the soaps have hardened and you've taken them out of the molds, melt a small bit of soap or use the leftovers to 'glue' the little molded diploma and graduation cap to the top of the square soap.

Wrap in baggies to distribute.

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