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Halloween Spider Necklace Craft Idea for Teens


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Assemble the Spider Halloween Necklace.
Halloween Spider Necklace Assemble

Three easy steps to put this Halloween teen craft together.

Denise D. Witmer
It takes three easy steps to assemble the Halloween spider necklace:
  1. Center the button on the wire so that the two ends are equal and sticking up. Twist the two ends into a loop and secure it with the tail if the wire.
  2. Use the glue dot on the opposite side of the button as the wire loop. Adhere the spider. Note: If there is too much glitter where the spider is attached to the button, it will not stay stuck. Brush off some of the glitter if this is the case.
  3. String the ribbon through the loop. Tie into a bow to hang around your neck. Trim the ends into a point.

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