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Valentine's Day Crafts, Projects and Ideas for Teenss

Valentine crafts for older kids and family fun. Valentine crafts and ideas to make candles, cards, jewelry and more.

Decoupage Heart Vase Craft - Valentines Day Crafts for Teens
Beautiful glass heart shaped vase craft for teens to make on Valentines day or for a bedroom decoration.

Two Hearts Beaded Wire Ring Project
Two hearts meet in the middle with this super cute wire ring. Love the glass read heart beads, perfect for a loved one, promise rings, engagement rings, wedding or Valentines Day jewelry.

Valentines Day Fuzzy Heart Pillow
Make a Valentines Day Fuzzy Heart Pillow, crafts for teens to create and enjoy.

Beaded Safety Pin Patterns for Valentines and Love
Beaded safety pin patterns for Valentines and Love, a craft for teens to make for friends or themselves. Sealed With a Kiss Pattern

Valentine's Day Bingo Game
Make a Valentines Bingo Game, activities for teens to create and enjoy.

Heart Button Pin
Reader submission, cute and simple heart button pin.

Heart Crafts Ideas for Teens
Here is a list of heart crafts, ideas and projects that teens can make on their own. Simple step-by-step instructions for fun, heart crafts your teen can enjoy making for friends, Valentine's Day or for their current date. These crafts can also be used if you need a craft for a group of youths.

Simple Heart Tote Craft Idea
Reader submission, using old material and cutting out hearts to decorate totes, pillows or anything is a easy and can really add fun to your decor.

Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
This craft was tons of fun to do with my teens. Not to mention is was so good to eat.

Decoupage Heart - Teen Crafts
Craft for teens to make, a decoupaged heart.

Decoupage Heart Bookmark Craft - Valentines Crafts for Teens
Fun craft for teens to do. Decoupaging is easy for older kids and teens, this heart bookmark craft can be made for Valentines Day or shared with friends.

Perler Beads - Heart with Arrow Pattern
Cute Valentine heart pattern for perler beads. Teens like to make this craft up while talking and socializing with friends.

Beaded Glass Heart and Pearl Choker Project
Step by step instructions on jewelry making, beaded glass heart and pearl choker. Beautiful Valentine crafts like these are great fun for mother and daughter projects.

Make a Valentine Gel Candle
Candle making crafts - Make a Valentine Gel Candle for your loved one on Valentine's day.

Seed Bead Pin Patterns
These Valentine crafts can be addictive. Instructions and patterns for these cute seed bead and pin Valentine crafts.

Ediable Valentine Crafts
Yummy valentine messages for make and eat Valentine crafts.

Chocolate Rose Buds Valentine Crafts
How to make these beautiful rose Valentine craft.

Valentine's Day Recipes For Teens
Cute heart and fun love type recipes for teens to make for friends, their dates or you to whip up for a family Valentine's Day dinner at home.

Valentine's Day Fun with Teens
You can add to the Valentine’s Day fun in your household with your teen by following the tips in this article.

Making Valentine Cards - Be Mine - Homemade Card Ideas
Step by step instructions for making a card, Be Mine. Homemade Valentine card ideas.

Making Valentine Cards - Oriental Love - Homemade Card Ideas
Step by step instructions for making a card, Oriental Love. Homemade Valentine card ideas.

Making Valentine Cards - Be My Valentine - Handmade Card Ideas
Step by step instructions for making a card, Be My Valentine. Homemade Valentine card ideas.

Making Valentine Cards - Love You - Handmade Card Ideas
Step by step instructions for making a card, Love You. Homemade Valentine card ideas.

Valentine's Day Craft Project Ideas
Do you make Valentine's Day craft projects with older kids and teens? Or have you made a bath and makeup craft you would like to show off? Please share your Valentine's Day craft project idea with us!

Create a Valentine's Day Card
This year, give your Valentine a special, home-made card. You can get spectacular results using easy techniques.

Hugs Box Gift
Need a Valentine crafts idea for the classroom or youth group, this is a good one. A cute gift idea anyone would love to get, and it's easy to make.

Heart Pin
Anther pin craft to enjoy. Valentine crafts such as this can be made any tiume of the year. Cute and easy pin with variations.

Amethyst Heart Choker
Very pretty heart choker necklace. I love jewelry Valentine crafts, hearts are always fun.

Candy Hearts
Here's a fun way to give a candy-filled Valentine. Use different shapes for other occasions -- such as a star for a friend's birthday.

Fun Foam Heart Pin and Hair Bow
Make yourself some sweet and simple accessories for Valentine's Day.

Girlfriends Forever Gift Tag
This tag will be as special as the gift. Dress up a plain candle, bottle or jar for an extra treat.

Glittering Heart Brooch
Cute and easy heart pin.

Glitzy Heart Pin
This Valentine's Day, put on the glitz and let your love sparkle.

Love Potion Bottle
Fill this jar with candies and you have an ideal gift for that special someone on Valentine's Day.

Polymer Clay Hearts
These bold style heart pins are a great accent piece. The technique used is called mokume gane. Truly a work of art, and no two are ever alike.

Raggedy Doll Jar
Paint this darling doll jar to hold cookies, candy or treats. What a delightful way to say "I Love You!"

Ribbon and Rose Heart
Hang ribbon wrapped hearts from doorways or chandeliers on your special day.

Satin Heart Box
Beautiful with excellent directions and diagrams.

Silly Valentine Glasses
Why not view the world with rose-colored glasses this February 14? The day is sure to be entertaining with these funky shades leading the way.

Sweetheart Candy Wreath
The conversation is sure to be sweet after you create this clever candy wreath.

Teddy Bear Lollipop
Turn a lollipop into a lovable teddy bear.

Valentine Heart Wreath
Cute no-sew project.

Valentine's Soap Balls and Bubble Bath
Place soap balls and bubble bath together in a basket and wrap them to give away as a Valentine's Day present.

Victorian Pin and Hair Bow
For a little bit of Victorian romance, try these embellished accessories.

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