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Curfews and Teenagers

Curfews are given by an authority figure to teenagers so that youth are off the streets and in their homes by a certain time. Parents can get help creating curfews for their teenagers using the resources given here. There also is information on town curfews and how to set a curfew rule with your teen.

Curfews - How to Give Your Teen a Curfew
Understand that teens need the routine and firm foundation of rules that your family provides to be able to navigate their world confidently. Curfews help provide these routines and by setting them, parents are helping their teens become confident young adults. Curfews also help keep order in a household.

Teen Curfews Advice for Parenting Teens
A dos and don'ts list of creating curfews for your teenager along with some consequences advice from our community of parents of teens.

Curfew Changes for Older Teens?
Mom asks about changing her young adult's curfew and what other parents think is reasonable. Read what others have said and add your thoughts. Do you feel a 12:30 – 1 a.m. curfew is too strict? What is your curfew for your teen? Are there other house rules you expect your college student to live by when at home?

City Mayors: Youth Curfews in US Cities
Youth curfews are popular with the public because they are inexpensive relative to other crime-fighting tools and have an easy-to-understand logic: If kids are home, they won’t commit crimes or be victims of crimes. However, there is little empirical evidence that curfews deter crime and reduce juvenile victimization. Curfews are also challenged on constitutional grounds.

Curfews and Bedtimes for Teens
Curfew and bedtime are two of the more negotiable household rules. During adolescence, when boys and girls are getting their first taste of independence, they probably spend the equivalent of a law-school education making their case to Mom and Dad for just a little extra time to stay out or to stay up.

Curfews for Teens from Oprah.com
Teens should have curfews because they need discipline and supervision, Rabbi Shmuley says. They're at a point in life where they are experimenting and pushing boundaries, he says. Parents need to let teens know that their main focuses shouldn't be partying and socializing—they should be school and family.

Facts About Teenagers Curfews
Before deciding what is right for your teen and your community, take a look at the facts about teenagers' curfews. This is often a topic of debate among teens and their parents. Many people support imposing a curfew for teenagers, believing that this will create a reduction in juvenile crime and victimization. Others feel that it is a violation of teenagers' civil rights to impose a curfew.

How to Set Clear Curfews for Teens from Metro Parent
An hour past curfew, your teen saunters in, looks surprised and proclaims, "I didn't know it was that late. Sorry." Maybe you breathe a sigh of relief. But unless your teen has clear rules – and understands and experiences the consequences of missing a curfew – this scene will likely replay.

Setting a Curfew for Teens
It is hard enough that your teenager wants to go out all the time, hang out with friends until all hours of the night and worry you to death; and then you have to consider an appropriate curfew. Setting a curfew for a teenager is one of those things that must be done carefully and enforced completely from the beginning.

Setting Curfews Without a Fight from Parenting on Disney's Family.com
Some teenagers wake their parents at curfew to say they're home. Some must turn off an alarm set for midnight, before it rings and disturbs the parent. The key, according to Murray, is to give the teen the responsibility. Teens are exploring their independence. Building a relationship between parents and teens is important.

Teen Curfews: How to Set Limits but Set Your Child Free
Curfews are important because they set up reasonable boundaries to protect your family culture,” says Susan Kuczmarski, Ed.D., author of The Sacred Flight of the Teenager: A Parent’s Guide to Stepping Back and Letting Go. Kuczmarski says, “Teens hate fixed, out-of-date, and inhuman rules with a passion. They want to be involved in the process of establishing them.”

The Advantages of Giving Teens Curfews - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com
Curfews help young adults get use to following a normal rountine schedule by being home before a certain time each night. One of the advantage of curfew is to help make sure that teens aren't out all night getting into trouble with other kids.

Tips for Parents on Teen Curfews from The Learning Community
If you’re regularly fighting with your teen about curfew, there is a better way. Have a family meeting and calmly discuss the issue. Explain, without lecturing, why curfew is important. Then, work with your teen to develop a contract about curfew that you both can accept.

What's an Appropriate Curfew for High Schoolers?
It's time to put on your power-parenting persona and open up curfew negotiations. There's no need to worry too much, because deep in your teens' heart, he really wants a reasonable and somewhat flexible curfew.

Why Teens Need Curfews | The Kid's Doctor
While talking to a mother of a teenage patient recently, the discussion heated up when we talked about curfews. I remember growing up with the TV news coming on and saying, "it is 11 o'clock, do you know where your child is?" At the time I just hated that as it reminded my parents (who always watched the news) to come downstairs to make sure that I was home. Read more here.

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