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Curfews and Teenagers

Curfews are given by an authority figure to teenagers so that youth are off the streets and in their homes by a certain time. Parents can get help creating curfews for their teenagers using the resources given here. There also is information on town curfews and how to set a curfew rule with your teen.

Curfews - How to Give Your Teen a Curfew
Understand that teens need the routine and firm foundation of rules that your family provides to be able to navigate their world confidently. Curfews help provide these routines and by setting them, parents are helping their teens become confident young adults. Curfews also help keep order in a household.

Teen Curfews Advice for Parenting Teens
A dos and don'ts list of creating curfews for your teenager along with some consequences advice from our community of parents of teens.

Curfew Changes for Older Teens?
Mom asks about changing her young adult's curfew and what other parents think is reasonable. Read what others have said and add your thoughts. Do you feel a 12:30 – 1 a.m. curfew is too strict? What is your curfew for your teen? Are there other house rules you expect your college student to live by when at home?

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