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Discipline in Parenting Teens

Discipline is one of the hardest jobs of parenting teens. Learn more about positive discipline methods, what discipline is and what it isn't when parenting teens and how to use effective communication in discipline with teens.

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Discipline Children and Teens Without the Guilt

Behavior Problems in Teens
Common behavior problems parents of teens have to deal with on a regular basis. Learn how to discipline your teen to minimize behaviors like lying, cheating, skipping school, swearing, talking back and more.

Be Consistent with Your Teen and Enjoy a Better Relationship
When using consistent communication and discipline with their teens, parents are able to enjoy a better relationship with them.

Discipline Children and Teens Without the Guilt
Parents can shed the guilt and start to change. Your child or teenager will respond and change for the better as well. Use these five tips to start disciplining without the guilt today.

Common Discipline Questions for Parents of Teens
Discipling your teenager can be a monumental task, because of hormones raging, peers, more responsibilities, etc. Here are some common questions that parents of teens have asked that may help you discipline your teen.

Ten Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Teens
It is easier for parents to be able to discipline their teens when they are reminded of their rights and responsibilities. Here is a list of ten.

Be Your Teen's Parent, Not Their Friend
It is easy to get stuck when raising your teen in a number of pitfalls, but I find the being a friend pitfall the hardest to avoid. I'm sure you can relate... As a parent, you have a responsibility to perform your parental role for your teen. It is your responsibility to help them learn life skills, keep them safe and secure. Learn more here.

Reacting to Power Struggles with Your Teen by Keeping the #1 Goal in Mind
Avoiding power struggles with your teen is important to their self-esteem. Learn how to react to power struggles with the method described in our articles. Complete with resources for goal setting, parenting contracts and more.

Most Useful Ways to Handle Teen Back Talk
How do you handle this behavior when it happens with your teen? Share stories when you employed a useful way of handling your teen's back talk.

Stop Negotiating With Your Teen
Book review of Stop Negotiating With Your Teen: Strategies for Parenting Your Angry, Manipulative, Moody, or Depressed Adolescent for parents of teenagers.

Positive Discipline for Teenagers
Book review of Positive Discipline for Teenagers, Empowering Your Teens and Yourself Through Kind and Firm Parenting by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott for parents of teens. A great read and a wonderful reference book.

Have You Been Hijacked By Your Troubled Teen?
Do you feel manipulated or intimidated by your troubled teen? Do you react out of fear in order not to upset them? Has your teen managed to seize control of your family? Teens often act out in ways that make living with them difficult but when the power shifts so dramatically that the teen is the one in charge, it’s critical to take action.

4 Reasons Why Punishing Your Teen When You Are Angry Doesn't Work
Feeling angry is a normal response to poor and disrespectful behavior from your child or teen. You should allow yourself to feel your feelings, even if you are angry. You're human! Here are four reasons why punishing your teen when you are angry doesn't work.

Parental Stress - Stress of Disciplining Your Teen - Parentin…
Parenting questions - How do you handle the stress of disciplining your teen?

Teens Telling Lies, What do parents do - Parenting Questions
Parenting questions - What do you do when your teen lies to you?

Teen Curfew Advice What is your teens curfew
Being out at night with friends is important to a teen who is working on his identity and his social life. But, there has to be a time when he needs to come home. What is that time in your home? Is it different for school nights and weekends? Share how you handle curfews in your home.

What is Behavior Modeling?
Do you model good behavior? Learn why this is very important so you can avoid disciplining your teen.

Quiz: Are You a Pushover Parent?
Are your teens are holding the reins in your parent-child relationship or are you standing on firm ground with your discipline techniques? Find out here.

3 Reasons Why Your Teen Needs Fair and Firm Discipline
Article for parents of teens who are wondering about disciplining their teenager. Teens need discipline too.

What Do I do If My Teen Lies to Me?
FAQ for parents of teens on teen lying - What Do I do If My Teen Lies to Me?

Be Sure Your Teen Isn’t Sneaking Out at Night
Article for parents of teenagers: How to Be Sure Your Teen Isn’t Sneaking Out at Night

3 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Use Scare Tactics
Article and resources for communicating with teens without using scare tactics.

What Is Discipline?
What do you think of when you think of discipline? Is it about punishing a child to make her behave? Or is it about teaching proper behavior? Read all about it here.

Active Listening
An important communication skill to learn when you have to discipline a teenager.

Door Openers verses Door Slammers
A communication skill with examples. Often times we use door slammers when we discipline.

Learn to Fall Back and Regroup In 5 Easy Steps
A discipline technique used when you make a mistake. This happens often in a normal family, so get this technique down.

Logical & Natural Consequences
Whats the difference? Is one better than the other?

Setting Limits & Rules
Top 5 tips on setting the rules and establishing limits.

Teach Positive Values - 5 Ways People With Strong Moral Fiber Act
Read this article to see what values are and how they contribute to building a strong moral fiber – a chief component to success in life.

How to Role Play with Your Teen
You can use role playing as a method of communication with your teenager. It's not hard to learn and will build confidence in your teen.

The Myth of the 'Bad Kid'
Myths about children's behavior make it easy to play the "blame game" instead of trying to help. Read about them here.

How to Teach Your Teen Assertiveness Skills
Teach your teen how to speak up in a respectful manner.

8 Ways to Teach Teens Anger Management Skills
Find out how to teach your teen how to manage angry feelings in socially appropriate ways.

How to Make Grounding an Effective Consequence for Teens
Learn how to making grounding your teen an effective consequence.

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