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Teen Eating Disorders

Teen eating disorder facts and articles filled with practical and helpful advice for parents of teens who have, or parents suspect they have an eating disorder. Resources include statistics, information on types, causes and prevention.
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Eating Disorders in Teens: Is Your Teen Using Food as a Way to Cope?
Eating disorders in teens involve unhealthy eating patterns and a problematic relationship or obsession with food and one's body. They can involve both under or overeating. This disorder often develops during the adolescent years and can have profound negative physical and emotional consequences... read more .

Quiz - Does Your Teen Have an Eating Disorder?
Screening quiz to help parents recognize the warning signs of anorexia nervosa in their teen and find ways to seek help.

I think my teen has an eating disorder. What do I do?
Article FAQ for parents of teens who think their teen may have an eating disorder - I think my teen has an eating disorder. What do I do?

Programs for Eating Disorders in Teens
The various treatment programs for teens with eating disorders explained. Teens with an eating disorder require specialized programs to treat this potentially life threatening illness.

What are eating disorders?
What are they and who gets them?

Teen Eating Disorders the First Signs
The first sings of teen eating disorders shared by our community of parents of teens. Read their experiences and share your own.

Teen Eating Disorders and Unhealthy Eating Habits Continue Into Adulthood
All the teens in the group who dieted were significantly more likely to be dieting in as adults than those who didn't diet when they were younger and "Diet pill use more than tripled in most of the age and sex groups," report the researchers.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Eating Disorders
Troubled teens are vulnerable to developing an eating disorder, especially females. Learn more about how eating disorders in teens are defined and what is behind this serious disorder.

Eating Disorders Statistics
Statistics on eating disorders and teens.

What is Pro-Ana?
Pro-ana sites glorify anorexia as a lifestyle choice. Parents need to know about sites promoting eating disorders and the damaging messages they portray to troubled teens. Learn what pro-ana means, the dangers of these sites and what parents can do to help mitigate the damage to their teen from pro-ana and related sites.

Help Your Obese Teen Lose Weight
Reasons why parents need to help their obese teen lose weight and advice on helping your teen with their weight loss efforts.

Signs and Symptoms of Bulimia in Teens
Bulimia is a type of eating disorder that can be triggered by stress, ineffective dieting or as an attempt to deal with painful emotions or impaired body image. Learn the signs of symptoms of bulimia and the negative physical and emotional consequences for troubled teens.

Eating Disorders - How Common Are They?
How common eating disorders are in the general population and in adolescence.

Signs and Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder in Teens
Binge eating disorder is characterized by consuming large amounts of food in a short amount of time. Teens with a binge eating disorder are at high risk to develop serious emotional, physical and social problems. Learn the signs and symptoms of binge eating disorder in teens.

Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia Bracelets, What Parents Need to Know
Advocates of eating disorders openly discuss their problems online and have created an easily recognizable symbol to help identify each other when not online. Their symbol is a bracelet, of a certain color and worn in a specific way. The bracelets are worn in an effort to ‘unite’ this community that is encouraging dysfunctional eating patterns....

Teen Eating Disorders - How To Help a Friend With Anorexia or Bulimia
Advice for teens who have a friend with an eating disorder.

Resources for Teens With Eating Disorders
Troubled teens with an eating disorder can find help from a number of reputable resources. Here are suggestions for reliable information, referrals and support specifically designed to provide help to teens struggling with an eating disorder, and their families. Information on teen eating disorders easily accessed.

Diabulimia - An Eating Disorder Affecting Teen Girls with Diabetes
There's a growing concern that a significant number of young people with type 1 diabetes, primarily teenage girls and young women, are experiencing a new type of eating disorder called diabulimia. Learn more here.

Eating Disorder Research Findings
Research is contributing to advances in the understanding and treatment of eating disorders.

Treatment Strategies for Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can be treated and a healthy weight restored. The sooner these disorders are diagnosed and treated, the better the outcomes are likely to be.

Parenting Teens Quiz- Does Your Teen Have Anorexia Nervosa?
Screening quiz to help parents recognize the warning signs of anorexia nervosa in their teen and find ways to seek help.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Purging
Purging is most often seen in troubled teens who are suffering from bulimia, a disorder with an obsessive pattern of overeating and then ridding the body of calories to avoid gaining weight. Purging behavior is done secretly and feelings of guilt or shame are often experienced after doing so.

Bulimia Nervosa in Teens, Statistics and Facts
Do you know what the facts are concerning teens with bulimia nervosa? Here you will find all of the sourced researched information that parents of teens need to know.

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