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Helping Siblings Cope With Teen Moving Out or Going to College


Question: Helping Siblings Cope With Teen Moving Out or Going to College
My teen’s siblings are really going to miss him when he goes to college/moves out on his own. What can I do to ease the heartbreak for them?
Answer: The transition from the teen years to young adult is hard on the whole family, especially siblings. They have spent most of their lives together vying for your attention and bathroom time. Now, one is moving on and the other is getting the bathroom all to themselves – not to mention your attention. Which ends up not being as much fun as it seemed it was going to be. While the relationship is still there and your soon-to-be-semi-independent-teen isn’t leaving forever, you will need to help him and his siblings transition into this life change. Here are tips on how:

  • Frame a picture of them together, one for each of your children.
  • Suggest some time together – without you - and offer to pay for the activity.
  • Addressed stamped postcards for both of them. This is the easiest way for each of them to drop each other a note. Encourage both of them to do this weekly.
  • If you have cell phone calling plans, then set up unlimited text to each other.

Remember, this is when the building blocks of a future adult relationship between siblings are put together. Continue to encourage a strong relationship between your children, it is something they will need in their lifetime.

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