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Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Fab Colors Birthday Kit


free digital scrapbooking kit birthdays
Denise D. Witmer

Download the Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit:

The kit for Birthday in Fab Colors by Denise has 2 pattern papers, 2 plastic buckle charms, 2 plastic slide frames, 2 paper piecing cupcakes, 4 heart buttons and one 'let's party' overlay. Here is the zip file. If you haven't already, you can get the free Fab Colors Base Kit here.

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The Nitty Gritty About My Free Digital Kits:

These kits were made by me, Denise D. Witmer. You may use them for your personal digital scrapbooking only. Send friends to this page to download the kits, do not redistribute in any way. Please see the Read Me file in the download. Thanks!

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