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Graduation Celebrations

Whether your teen graduate is thinking about going to college or getting a job, celebrating his high school graduation is important. Use these graduation articles, ideas and tips for graduation announcements, a graduation party and graduation crafts for your resources.
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Printable Cards Graduation Invitations - Free Printable Invitations for...
Free printable graduation invitations for graduation parties, simple printable craft for grads.

Homemade Graduation Cards with Directions to Make
Graduation is such a special time, it deserves a beautiful handmade card. Here are some of the graduation cards I have done along with a few that I have found around the internet.

Graduation Party Food
Graduation theme food for parties - smiling grad cupcakes for parties.

Graduation Party Supplies
Here is a listing of graduation party supplies for your teen's high school graduation.

Graduation Party Themes and Ideas
A list of graduation party themes with ideas to create the theme for your party.

Who Should Be Invited to My Teens Graduation Party?
Graduation parties can be big or small, here are a few ideas of who you should invite.

Birthday Party Themes for Older Kids and Teens - Survivor Party Theme
Birthday party themes for older kids and teens. This theme is a Survivor Party Party.

Graduation Cupcakes
Recipe for your graduation day parties. Part of a graduation party planner.

Questions to Ask Your Teen Before the Graduation Party
Article for graduation planning Questions to Ask Your Teen Before the Graduation Party.

Graduation Party Ideas
A list of fun things to do for a graduation party.

Graduation Party Budget Planner
Set your budget for the graduation party.

Graduation Planner
Learn how to plan a high school graduation day with these steps. The graduation planner includes tips on getting through your teen's senior year, taking a look at your teen's future after graduation including starting the job search and looking at careers and how to handle the empty nest for parents whose young adult is moving out.

Graduation Party Ideas
A list of fun things to do for a graduation party.

50 Graduation Gift Ideas
Graduation gift ideas with links to gift list organized by price category.

Pick a Date for a Graduation Party
How to pick a date for your teen's graduation party that the most people will be able to attend.

Graduation Announcement Etiquette
Most high schools and colleges limit the number of visitors a student may invite to commencement because of space. It is important to send graduation announcements, so learn the etiquette here!

Graduation Quotes
Graduation quotes to use for cards or inspiration on graduation from high school or college.

Graduation Beaded Safety Pin Patterns
Smilin' grad and grad cap patterns for these easy to make beaded pins.

Graduation Cupcakes
Make this fun food craft for munching or a grad party.

Graduation Celebration
What better way to celebrate a graduation than making these special crafts for graduation parties, gifts, and decorations.

Graduation Clipart
Clipart of caps and diplomas with "Graduation Day" text.

Graduation: A Look Back, A Step Forward
Graduation is the time to look at past accomplishments, but set new goals for the future

Graduation Candy Wrappers
This graduation template (Congratulations on your Graduation) will fit a 1.5 OZ. Hershey's Symphony Creamy Milk Chocolate candy bar (or other brands of the same size).

Children's Books that Make Great Graduation Gifts
If you are looking for a unique graduation gift for a high school or college graduate, our Children's Books Guide, Elizabeth Kennedy, recommends these children's books for their entertainment value, wit and wisdom.

Graduation Gifts for Travelers
Traveling high school and college graduates need some basics as graduation gifts, and a few premium graduation gifts for travelers will really make your graduate's world go 'round. Check out these graduation gifts from our Student Travel Guide, Kathleen Crislip.

After Graduation: Six Steps to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions
Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you follow these six steps for effective and successful goal setting and resolution accomplishment.

Take Great Graduation Photos
Graduation is a special time in our lives, whether you’re graduating, or a relative. Here are tips to help you take fabulous photos of that special day.

History of Graduation
All about the history and symbolism of graduation.

Graduation Poems for Free
Here is some graduation poetry that you are free to use for any personal or non-commercial purpose.

Favorite High School Graduation Party Tips
Have you thrown a graduation party for your teen that they absolutely loved? Did you get graduation party advice that made it easier or more...

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