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50 Graduation Gift Ideas and Tips


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Looking for a gift for your high school graduate? It can be hard to find just the right gift for your grad, but here are some tips that will help followed by a list of fifty great graduation gift ideas.

If you know that your graduate will be going to a trade school for a certain profession, check into what they may need to bring with them. You can gift them by helping them purchase it. When someone is studying to be a welder or auto-mechanic, for instance, the trade or tech school they attend will require they purchase certain tools of the trade, sometimes through the school. Ask your teen grad if this is the case and contact the school for a gift card.

Understand that teens need money and don't be ashamed to give it. The graduation milestone is not only significant for a teen because they have come to the end of high school, it signifies a new beginning as well. It is seen as the start of their adult lives. But, because they have been in school, teenagers don't often have much money. So your monitory gift will help them out. If you are feeling like it isn't original enough of an idea, try the tips in this article: 10 Creative Ideas for Giving a Money Gift to a Teen.

If you will be purchase more of a memento for a graduation gift, go with something classic as opposed to and of the fads or current trends. For example, if you wanted to get your teen daughter a memorable piece of jewelry as a keepsake and to wear at graduation, go with a string of pearls or a pretty linked gold chain instead of a statement necklace.

Find out what technology or devices your teen grad has and purchase a cool accessory for it. Add value to something your teen already uses makes an awesome gift. Apps, speakers for their iPods or software for their laptop will all get you an A+ rating for gift giving.

Frames are great gifts, but photo albums are better. Your graduate will have lots of pictures of their graduation and friends, it's best to give them a place to keep them all instead of one or two spots for only the special photos. Or better yet, purchase a digital frame and memory stick to help your teen organize their pictures of the big event.

Here are 50 ideas organized by price:

Big Ticket Items (Price is no object)

  • Vacation or travel tour
  • Car
  • Money
  • Laptop computer
  • Stock or CD
  • Cell phone complete with a paid plan
  • Furniture - Great gift for the college graduate who is moving out of mom and dad's house.
  • Small refrigerator - A very useful gift for the teen who will be living in a dorm room at college.

Mid-Priced Items (Priced $51 - $250)

  • Briefcase
  • Clothing gift card
  • Watch
  • Microwave
  • Toaster oven - This appliance is useful for college dorm living, especially if the student is not allowed microwaves in his/her dorm room.
  • Set of luggage
  • A package from a resume writing service - Excellent gift for the teen who will be looking for a job or a college graduate.
  • Camera
  • Television
  • DVD player
  • IPod
  • Recorder and cassettes for lectures
  • Bookshelf
  • Pure gold or silver coin with graduate year on it
  • Stereo
  • Printer
  • Tool box with basic tools
  • Engraved jewelry
  • Personalized graduation item
  • Money tree
  • Money clip complete with money
  • Wallet with some money

Economical Gifts (Priced under $50)

  • Book about future field of study or career
  • Devotional
  • Self-help Book
  • Inspirational book
  • Photo album filled with memories
  • Address book filled with friend's addresses and phone numbers
  • Fill a laundry basket with laundry soap, fabric softener or dryer sheets, roll of quarters and directions on how to separate your laundry - Perfect gift for the teen who is moving out or going to college.
  • A piece of luggage
  • Resume writing books
  • Set of sheets
  • Picture frames with pictures of high school years
  • Organizer or planner
  • Desk accessories
  • Umbrella
  • Iron
  • Coffee maker
  • Hot pot
  • Footlocker
  • Jump drive
  • Phone card

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