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Surviving and Thriving in High School 101
Articles, tips and resources for parents of teens in high school - Surviving High School 101 Help for Parents of Teens in High School

Getting Good Grades Is Good, But...
Parents enjoy when their teen does well in school, but some also use their teen's grades as a reason to be more permissive in other areas of their teen's lives. Teens will take advantage of this lapse in judgment and get into trouble. Good grades do not mean that your teen is following all of the rules set by your family. It is not a given. Here...

Your Teen Told You They Are Not Graduating. Now What Do You Do?
A teen who has to tell their parents they are not graduating is usually ashamed and depressed and your reaction could make it worse. Therefore, when your teen first tells you they are not going to graduate, give yourself some time to get over the shock before you react to the news. Have you already reacted badly?

Talking Points for Teens: 10 Reasons Why Cheating is Wrong
Teens do not always understand why cheating is wrong. Here are ten reasons why cheating is wrong which you can use while talking with your teen.

Five Benefits of Getting Good Grades
Five Benefits of Getting Good Grades

How to Encourage Your Teen to Finish High School
Receiving a high school diploma guarantees your teen of one important thing: the lack of the stigma of not having one, thereby allowing your teen to move on into a future that has possibilities instead of limitations. Learn how to encourage your teen to finish high school.

Teen Rejected from National Honor Society
What can a parent or teen do if they feel they may have been wrongly rejected? See what the parenting teens community told this mom here.

High School Drop Out Rates
The latest stats on teen high school drop out rates from the Department of Education.

Grade Incentives That Are Not Monetary
My first thoughts are giving a privilege of maybe a later curfew or an extra hour of computer time.

Teen Wants to Drop Out
FAQ for parents of teens: My teen wants to drop out of high school. What do I do?

After School Snacks, Ideas and Recipes
Kids and teens get hungry after a full day at school and want an after school snack that not only will fill their bellies, but taste good too. Here is a listing of fun and tasty snacks that your children will love.

High School Subjects
A glimpse of core subjects your teen will take in high school. All schools vary, but this list shows the gist of what your teen will be taking so parents have an idea of what they are taking about when they talk to their teen about their classes.

Checklist of Things Your Teen Should Do to Get Ready for the New School Year
A checklist of things to get ready for the new school year for teens to use when starting a new school year.

Getting Good Grades in High School - Parenting Questions
Parenting Questions - How do you motivate your teen to get good grades in high school?

Get Your Teen Ready for a New School Year
A list of tips from parenting teen community on how you get your teen ready for a new school year.

Calm a Teen's Fears About Starting High School
Article for parents of teenagers - How to Calm a Teens Fears About Starting High School

How Can Parents Help a Teen Get Back on Track in School
"I'm so confused one day a thought popped into my head after the WH teacher emailed all of the parents about making sure our kids studied more. I thought WTH? Why do *I* have to make sure a 10th grader studies, does her work? Shouldn't she learn natural consequences? I won't be there when she's away at college to make her study." Advice given by parents in our community on the post.

10 School Issues Parents of Teens Face And What to Do About Them
Article for parenting teens - School Issues Parents of Teens Face And What to Do About Them

Get Your Teen Ready for Their Sports Season
Article for parenting teens - Parents, Get Your Teen Ready for Their Sports Season

Encourage Your High School Student to Do Their Best
Article for parents of teens with high school students - How to Encourage Your High School Student to Do Their Best.

Has your teenager completed all of the required college preparation courses?
Has your teenager completed all of the required college preparation course at his/her high school?

Has your teenager developed successful study habits in high school?
Has your teenager developed successful study habits in high school?

Buy Your Class Ring Online
How to Buy Your Class Ring Online

Build a Winning Academic and Personal Record
If your teens wants to be considered for private scholarships, they need to have a winning academic and personal record.

Dealing with Difficult Teachers
Sometimes high school students have to deal with teachers who are difficult yet the students need to remain respectful. Here are some tips for parents to help their teen successfully deal with their difficult teachers.

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Young Teen Ready for High School?
The leap between Junior High School/Middle School to High School is a big one. Take this simple 20 question quiz and see how prepared your teenager is and what to look for to help your teen become ready.

Internet Access
How many schools have access to the Internet?

Dropout Rates
What are the dropout rates of high school students?

High School Guidance Activities
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) conducted a survey on high school guidance counseling in spring 2002 for the Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education. Here are some of the results.

Sex Education in Schools
What is Your Teen Taught about Sex at School? Learn more about sexual education with this article.

High School Guidance Staff
Information on guidance staff from a national survey.

High School Teacher Quality
NCES report on the high school teacher quality in the US.

Alternative High Schools: Options for At-Risk Teens
Students at risk for dropping out of high school have options for earning a high school diploma.

Should Your Teen Consider Alternative High Schools?
Should Your Teen Consider an Alternative High School? Not all teens perform well in the traditional public school setting and many are at high risk for dropping out.

Choosing an Alternative High School for Teens
Steps for picking an alternative high school for teens, when your teenager needs an alternative to traditional high school, use this resource to help you pick the school.

School Suspension: A Serious Warning Sign
Article for parents of teens in high school, School Suspension A Serious Warning Sign, 8 Things Parents Need to Know About School Suspension.

Prevent Senioritis
Senioritis has been known to infect even the best of teens. If you have a teen who is a senior this school year, you can prevent the worse of this illness by using these parenting tips.

Astronomy Science Fair Projects Ideas for High School
Astronomy science fair projects and ideas for middle and high school students. Use these to research your Astronomy science fair project.

ADHD 13-year-old Son Just Getting By in School
A mom asks how to get her ADHD son more engaged with his school work and receives sage advice from our parenting community. Read what they have to say and offer your thoughts and experiences.

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