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Checklist of Things Your Teen Should Do to Get Ready for the New School Year


Here is a list of things your teen should do as a new school year begins.

Two weeks before the first day of school:

________ Cleaning out their closet and getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or are outdated in style.
________ Make a list of what they need and check for store sales and complete shopping for school clothes.
________ Shopping for sneakers, gym clothes and getting ready for the fall athletic season.
________ Make a list of school supplies that will be needed for the first semester, including special items for certain classes.
________ Get a storage place ready for books, folders and projects.
________ Check the sites online for extra homework help and create bookmarks to them.

The day before the first day of school:

________ Check all school supplies for both in school and your mobile homework center.
________ Write any appointments and special events in the school planner.
________ Place needed items in backpack.
________ Make a lunch or get money ready for your lunch program.
________ Get clothes ready for the next day.
________ Take a look at your schedule and familiarize yourself with where each class is located.
________ Set your alarm clock and get to bed early.

The morning of your first day:

________ Eat a good breakfast.
________ Get to the bus stop early and note the time the bus gets there for the first week, or note how long it takes you to drive into the school.

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