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10 School Problems Parents of Teens Face And What to Do About Them


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Your teen is falling asleep in class.
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Teens have a busy morning schedule as they need to wake up and get moving very early in order to catch a bus and get to school by the required time. This means teens need to get their rest the night before or they will be too tired to learn anything at school and may even fall asleep in class.

When a teen falls asleep in class, two things happen: they miss what is being taught and they lose the respect of the teacher. They may also receive a consequence from the school, depending on the classroom discipline policy. All of these things affect your teen's academic success and can be avoided.

To prevent your teen from being sleepy in class, try these three tips:

  1. Set a time for ‘lights out’ on school nights. This is never be any later than 10 p.m. and preferably 9 p.m. ‘Lights out’ means the computer, television, lights and cell phone should be off. Soft music can be on and used to help lull your teen to sleep.

  2. Help your teen develop a nighttime routine that involves activities that slow them down for the end of the day. Taking a bath or reading are two activities that work well. Turning off the computer and disconnecting from friends and the commotion of the day an hour before bedtime will also help your teen relax.

  3. Point out the positives after your teen has had a good night’s rest. This will reinforce what it feels like to be rested and capable of accomplishing what they want.
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