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10 School Problems Parents of Teens Face And What to Do About Them


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Problems with their peer group that affects your teen’s performance at school.
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Problems with a peer group can mean many different things to a teen. It can be not having friends, having too many friends, being sucked into a friend’s problem, following friend’s actions blindly, getting mad at a friend and not expressing it appropriately, dealing with peers who are violent or into drugs, etc. The list can go on and on. These are your teen’s problems they will need to learn how to deal with them, obviously with your help if asked. But, when any of these type of peer problems affect your teen’s ability to do well in school, that is when it becomes a problem for you, the parent, as well.

  1. Talk with your teen, try to get the whole story. Sometimes teens who would never lie to you have a hard time giving parents the whole story when it involves a friend or peers who scare your teen.

  2. Realign your teen’s priorities by giving them your expectations for school behavior and grades. Sympathize with your teen’s problem and/or together you can come up with a plan to help, but remain firm with your expectations.

  3. Follow up with your teen. Praise him or her if she was able to accomplish what was expected and/or give encouragement to continue.

Note: If the problem your teen is facing is too much for them to handle by them self, call the guidance office, principal and/or the authorities.

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