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Simple Merry Christmas Homemade Card Ideas


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Step #3: Print out the base 'Simple Merry Christmas' card.
christmas card making craft

Print out the base card.

Denise D. Witmer
In your word processor:
  1. You need to set your page to landscape, which means the paper is held horizontally. For MS Word 2000: File -> Page Setup -> Paper Size ->Landscape.
  2. Format the page so it has two columns. For MS Word 2000: Format -> Columns -> Two.
  3. Set the bottom margin to 7". Just slide the margins on the left.
  4. Insert a Text Box across the bottom right corner of the first column. For MS Word 2000: Insert -> Text Box.
  5. In the text box type "Merry Christmas" in the Tinker Toy font at size 22, font color green. Center 'Merry' over 'Christmas'.
  6. Change your line to 'No Line'by clicking on the line twice and setting Color -> No Line.
  7. Copy text box and paste a second one in the other column at the bottom, so that you have two.
  8. Check the print page set up and make sure the text boxes are in the right bottom corner in their columns, if so, print out. If not, go back and fix, then print out.

When you have printed this out, cut the 8-1/2" by 11" sheet in half. This will be your two cards.

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