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Teen Sex - Lesbian Teens

Lesbian teens need their parents to be aware of teen sex topics. Questioning teen girls also need their parents to be on top of teen sex issues. The following lesbian teen articles are excellent resources if your teen daughter is a lesbian or questioning her sexuality.
Coming Out to Mom
Go Ask Alice Q&A: How do you think I should go about coming out of the closet to my mother?
Coming Out to Your Parents
Take note of how afraid your child may be to tell you about their sexuality.
Are Gay and Lesbian Youth at High Risk for Suicide?
With regard to suicide attempts, several state and national studies have reported that high school students who report to be homosexually and bisexually active have higher rates of suicide thoughts and attempts in the past year compared to youth with heterosexual experience. Learn more here.
Anti-Gay Harassment Linked to School Performance
The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network(GLSEN) 2003 study reveals that student grade performance is directly linked to in-school victimization.
For Parents of Gay Children
Can we understand?
I might be a lesbian, what do I do?
Written for lesbian teens, but has quite a bit of information for parents of lesbian teens.
Interested in Lesbian Sex
Go Ask Alice Q&A: We are two straight sophomores who are considering lesbian activity. This is not a joke. We have always been intrigued by lesbians and have been asking the question, "How do they do it?" Obviously, a great deal of the enterprise must involve oral activity, but what else can we do?
Stereotypical Lesbain
Go Ask Alice Q&A: I've recently told a couple of my friends that I'm a lesbian, and they responded with a comment like, they already knew, or that they weren't surprised. I guess I have two questions. First off, is there a stereotype for lesbians, and if it's that obvious that I'm gay and a lot of my friends know, then how come I can't find a girl that I can share pleasurable experiences with?
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